Here's what people who've been here have said: 

I’ve had an indescribable summer that has been life-changing and amazing! I’ve made new friends and grown closer to old ones. I’ve found new things that I enjoy doing as well. I’m going to miss the camp and all the people I worked with. They changed my life in many ways, and God has blessed me beyond measure.... I love you guys, and I miss you already. But we will see each other again!
— Daniel Burchfield
Laurel Lake Baptist Camp has been an integral part of my spiritual development throughout my life. As a child, I learned what it meant to love and follow Christ here. As I grew older and was given opportunity to minister at camp, I learned what it meant to truly serve Christ.
— Lindsey Pritchard
I’m thankful that God called me to such an amazing place with such great people. I’m thankful for all the precious campers that came through, and for the opportunity that I had to pour love into each of them. I’m thankful for all the fantastic people that I got to meet. I’m thankful that God set this work aside for us to do, and for the way that He used all of this to grow me.
— Jordan Allyson Adams