At Laurel Lake Baptist Camp, we are committed to serving. But it isn't something we can do on our own.
We rely on the mutual sacrifice and support of churches, businesses, and individuals who partner with us.   

Thank you for your support of Laurel Lake Baptist Camp! 
It would be impossible to do what we do without you!

Financial Needs include these things:

  • Used equipment - If you have a piece of used equipment--a tractor, SUV, pick-up truck, concrete mixer, small garden tiller, stump grinder, soccer goal--anything that you could see being useful to the camp, we would greatly appreciate any gift of this kind

  • Swimming Pool Chemical Computer ($2,000)

  • Finish new dorm ($5,000)

  • Stadium Lighting for the Ball Field ($5,000)

  • A new copier ($5,000)

  • Picnic Shelter ($5,000)

  • Stain for Siding ($8,000)

  • All Terrain Lift - needed to do building repair, paining and staining the upper levels of buildings ($12,000)

  • Gym with Classrooms ($275,000)

  • General Giving - Simply giving to the general fund helps us to meet our monthly obligations in a timely manner. It is due to this type of gifts that we have been able to keep our fees for camp and for retreats low.

Give Now!
Hauling beds from eku

Hauling beds from eku

From January 27th to January 29th, we transported more than 300 beds from Martin Hall at Eastern Kentucky University to the camp. 

We are very grateful to EKU for this generous gift! These are quality beds and we will use them in further expansion of the camp as well as for replacements.