Come join us for a week! 

You'll play games, go swimming, eat great food, meet new friends, and most importantly, learn about Jesus. 

Sound good to you? 

Talk to your parents or a leader at your church--then fill out an application! 

(The application to the right is for South Union/Mt. Zion Association Week and Girls Week. Applications for other weeks of camp will be made available through local churches.) 


     Thank you for considering Laurel Lake Baptist Camp for your child this summer. We give you our promise to do our best to provide an enjoyable camping experience. 
     We will take care of your child. Committed Christian counselors will be in charge of the campers at all times.          We will have first aid available. A medical doctor and hospital are nearby in case of emergency. Our goal is to have an accident free summer. 
     Our purpose is to help campers find real joy through knowing Jesus Christ and experiencing fellowship with Him and with others. 
     To help prevent homesickness, please do not try to visit your child, or telephone the child during their week of camp. 

Please keep Laurel Lake Baptist Camp in your prayers! 

     Campers need to bring the following items: Bible, pen and paper, towels (shower and swimming), wash cloths, sheets or a sleeping bag for a single bed, pillow, flashlight, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, fishing gear, ball gloves, camera, swimsuit, and casual clothing.  
     Please send modest clothing for your children. Please do not bring t-shirts that promote secular music groups, offensive language, or products that hinder God's message. 
     In order to avoid problems, we are asking that you do not allow your children to bring radios, cell phones, tobacco, mp3 players, cd players, fireworks, or knives. 

     At Laurel Lake Baptist Camp, we offer Christian services to all, regardless of race, creed, or national origin. 
     Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Camp will end at lunch on Friday. Please have transportation arranged in advance. Do not send advanced payment. Payment is due upon arrival at camp. Please call ahead to tell the director how many campers you will be bringing. 

          Laurel Lake Baptist Camp
          578 Singing Hills Rd
          Corbin, KY 40701

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